Villa Tirta Guna Bali is located in the Karangasem regency, Mangis subdistrict in the village of Bukit Catu ( Dessa Tirta Guna ) The villa is beautiful situated in the heart of the local rice fields and coconut plantations. The name Tirta Guna means pure / holy water to be used. The ground plan of the villa measures 200 square meters and is surrounded by a beautiful garden. The villa has a spacious living room with a high roof , two 4 x 3.5 meter bedrooms with in each a 2 x1.8 meter four poster bed and a dressing table. The folding doors can be opened wide to ensure a great view over the rice fields. It has a kitchen, a wardrobe room , a inside bathroom with a large marble washing stand with twin marble basins and a toilet .The Balinese outdoor bathroom consist a Black terrazzo bad tube and a shower with hot and cold water. The villa is spacious enough for 4 persons, but if necessary we are able to create place for 2 more persons.

The house has a spacious 20 meters wide veranda in front of the villa from where you have a stunning view over the rice fields , the hills and the coconut plantations. Attached to the veranda there is a lovely cobalt blue tiled swimming pool . The tropical garden that surrounds the house is a place of peace and tranquillity and offers from each corner of the garden a great view over the landscape . The garden has a traditional Balinese gate and is bordered by a low stone wall , designed to maximise the view over the rice fields.

Behind the house there is a small but Kristal clear Brooklet surrounded by trees and palms, where you can near the singing birds every morning. Because of the favourable position of the house and the micro climate between the hills and mountains there is no need for an air-condition system in the bed rooms. The temperature in the house is always pleasant. Villa Tirta Guna offers you a lovely stay in the middle of the most beautiful landscape of Bali ! Our gardener looks after our garden every day of the week. He also provides the daily offerings for the Gods at our house temples. Once in a week the quality of the swimming pool water will be checked and the pool be cleaned to be sure that the water is healthy and Kristal clear. The water that we use in and around the house is descended from our well 40 meters down under our land. Most people that stay in our Villa prefer privacy and like to cook by them self but if you want we can arrange a cook for you

places of interest

Pura Besakih

Besakih Temple is not one temple but a vast complex of temples sprawling across the mountainside. It is located high on the slopes of Mount Agung, the axis of the Balinese cosmos.


About 6 miles north of Culik is the unremarkable looking village of Tulamben. Itâ??s famous for its offshore wreck of US Liberty-class warship. This has become one of the most celebrated dive sites in Bali